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Slowcooker, Royal VKB

Slowcooker, Royal VKB

425,00 kr

description: With the introduction of the original Slowcooker, Royal VKB embraced the latest trend in the kitchen: slow cooking. Because of the enthusiasm for this healthy way of cooking, the Slowcooker XL has now been added to the range, especially for preparing meals for three to four people.
Fresh ingredients are put in the Slowcooker XL without the need for oil as the slow and gentle cooking process itself tenderises the ingredients allowing their full fl avours to come out. All the original vitamins, minerals and fl avours are fully preserved during this method of cooking. Once the Slowcooker has been placed in the over, the chef can then relax, their job is done!

material: Terra Cotta, Silicone

dimensions: ø 21,5 x 15,4 cm