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Jar Tops, Royal VKB

Jar Tops, Royal VKB

150,00 kr


By screwing on plastic tops, these readily available jars are turned into vessels with a specific function and fit on jars all over the world. Now you can re-use and preserve that memorable mustard jar from Dijon, France or that pickle jar from Poland. A generic jar is transformed into kitchenware, creating more practical and emotional value.

The Royal VKB Jar Tops include a cocoa shaker cap, sugar shaker cap, long-handled cap, creamer cap and oil & vinegar cap.
They are available in cypress green and anthracite, packed with five different tops.

material: Polypropylene

dimensions:  ø 6,2 x h 2,2 / ø 6,2 x h 3,6 / ø 6,8 x h 2,4 / ø 7,5 x h 10,5 cm